Natural shrimps from Indian reservoirs

Ristic promotes professionalism in shrimp breeding through a public-privatepartnershipproject in India, where giant river prawns are currently released into reservoirs under almost natural conditions, reared without the use of any food additives and then fished.

As well as its environmental focus, the PPP project launched by Ristic in 2009 has a strong social component: the emphasis of this lies in increasing the quality of infrastructure and logistics on site. Only with the help of a high-quality infrastructure is it possible to exhaust catch potential. Local fishers benefit from the investment and are also given a secure livelihood thanks to Ristic’s long-term commitment to purchase their catches. In this way, we create the necessary prerequisites for Indian fishing communes and transport companies to work together to produce organically raised shrimps.

Protection of important Habitats

Ristic is also committed to the reforestation of mangroves. The company launched a programme on the west coast of India to protect this important habitat for shrimps. Up to now, almost 20,000 mangroves have been planted in order to reforest coastal areas destroyed by excessive aquaculture. Furthermore, Ristic AG has its own seedling station for mangrove plants. Seedlings are continuously being planted and will thus play a part in future climate protection. Collecting seedlings and growing and planting mangroves provides coastal fishers with an additional source of income. Renaturalisation will lead to higher profits in the future, for example, through catching mussels and crabs.